Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just the Beginning

In the past few months, I was reluctant to even start a blog. My feelings on starting a blog clashed with each other, and questions kept arising, "What's the point of a blog? Who would even read it? You just want to stroke your ego right? There are millions of other artists out there, what makes you so special?" Sometimes, I would shrug and agree with those negative questions. Other times I would disagree, and tell my brain to STFU. I'm an artist, I'm not perfect, I'm gradually improving, and this is just the beginning.
So why did I start a blog? To improve as an artist. As time goes by, I can use this blog as a type of archive to record progress I've made and things going on in my life. Maybe other artists can share their thoughts and offer advice.
Since starting an account on Deviantart, my motivation to create has increased dramatically. I was introduced to amazing artists that I can learn from, and I gave and received feedback. Maybe I won't get as much feedback on this blog as I do on Deviantart, but that's okay. I see this blog as an opportunity to get my voice and art out there.

To start things off, here's a series of paintings I've been working on that I call "Eye Spy Something," or the short term "Eye Spies." Each painting has an eye piece, color, and emotion. I'll gradually make more as time goes by.

If you have a deviantart account, drop by and say hello here:


  1. hey ive seen you around! xD

    haha very trippy blog. i love :P and i agree with what u are saying. as artists we should try to find as many outlets for our work as possible even if it means making things like blogs and (urf) tumblrs. you never know who is going to stumble upon you. one successful technique my bf used to get his work "out there" was that he started posting his comics on reddit (idk if uve heard of that site before) with his tumblr address written on the bottom. in the art section his work wasnt so popular and people actually wrote some pretty mean not so helpful critiques. LOL HOWEVER in the stoner board his comics caught on like wild fire and he created a semi-large following. :P i hope i helped and gave u some hope. us artists need to stick together. HUAH! >:D

  2. @lisey-mop

    I'm not familiar with Reddit, but that's great that your BF found a website where his comics were cherished. I've been super busy lately, but soon I'll make more of an effort to update this blog and deviantart now and then. Thank you, and I appreciate your advice I admire your artwork very much! :D