Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 A New Year, A New Frontier!

Hey everyone! 2012 is approaching, many conspiracists say the world will end in this year, many dread and fear this year, while others welcome it with cheer and optimism. 

I welcome 2012, and will make the most of it, whether the world ends or not - which I'm not saying it is, but you never know, maybe aliens are planning on invading or something...I don't know.... 

Anyway, in order to make the most of 2012, here's a few new years resolutions that I plan on following to improve.

(Do you have any resolutions? Let me know~ )

1. Create/draw/work on art for 25 minutes or more everyday.
2. Limit time on internet.
3. Keep grades up, turn everything in on time.
4. Practice drawing anatomy and push poses.
5. Create more paintings/work towards larger scale canvases
6. Push myself to create new things.

2011 was such a significant year for me, so many things happened good and bad, but I rolled with the punches and in the end things turned out okay. I feel like I've improved so much as an artist and person. I hope that 2012 would be just as good, or possibly better for me, and you too.

Happy New Year everyone!

(Here's are a few things I've made recently, that I want to post before 2012. )

Birthday gift for someone who's obsessed with dogs and Zombies.
                                          Acrylic paint on a poodle statute.

The Big Race
Birthday gift for my wonderful aunt Gloria, this is her dog "Frida," named after the artist "Frida Kahlo." This was photoshop, framed, and is currently a center piece in her living room.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Am I a pretty fairy?!?

After going through some old sketch books, I stumbled upon my beloved Cutie Pie creature, and felt compelled to redraw her. It's been a year since the last time I drew Cutie Pie, and I see a little improvement since then.

colored in CS5

Colored with copic markers

Monday, December 12, 2011

Comic Fans in the Wild

My aunt sent me this rare video footage, never before seen.
Different species of comic fans migrating from their natural habitats to meet at Sac-Con, to perform their ritual gathering of purchasing merchandise, seeing artists, and dressing up as fictional characters to attract potential mates.

On the right side of the video, you'll see the elusive Jhonen Vasquez. He waits patiently at his booth for his prey to buy his comics; when their guard is down, he quickly devours them like an anaconda.
If my aunt would have recorded to the right a little more she would have captured this rare act on film.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sac-Con 2011

Sacramento California, held Sac-con where amazing people like Jhonen Vasquez, Angus Oblong, Rikki Simmons, and others sat for hours diligently signing autographs and were forced to chit chat with fans!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend Sac-Con, but
my amazing aunt Gloria went for me to get some autographs and take some pictures. I entrusted Gloria with my visual journal to hunt down these amazing people and get them to sign in it.

Jhonen Vasquez, one of my favorite artists of all time. Artist and writer of the comics JTHM, Squee, I feel sick, Filler Bunny - and creator of the cartoon Invader Zim. Holding my visual journal...You cannot fathom the joy I am feeling seeing this.

Rikki Simmons, voice of Gir, and color artist for Jhonen Vasquez's, "I feel Sick," comics.

Angus Oblong - creator of the Oblongs, a wonderfully strange cartoon on adult swim. 

I'm sure there are more sigs in here, but I won't know for sure until I see my aunt in about a week. My spleen cannot contain this much happiness, I'm afraid it will burst.  

Emotional Wreck

Get your head together, you're an emotional wreck!
Reversed Color

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Recent Art Stuff
3 Wishes
Bunnicula - One of my class assignments. 
Drip Drop

Doodling helps relieve stress, I've been super busy lately and haven't doodled as much. A lot of my doodles are streams of unconscious thoughts, and I end up making something interesting due to not feeling any pressure to make it look good because it's simply doodling. I need to get back to doodling more often. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Gobble Gobble

Hope whoever is reading this had a great Thanksgiving, or a great day in general if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving. C: 

Visual Journal Pages of the week. 


"Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you."
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hocus Pocus

I've been super busy. Here's a few personal pieces that I've made recently. 
I might post more in the following week. 

Based on my 3-Dementia munny design

Munny (below made about a year ago).

Neon Dreams
Watercolor paint + Photoshop

 © 2011 MAVargas - CheeseVision. All rights Reserved. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The first page of my visual journal. This is what I look like when I cry.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Here's something I've been working on for my Digital Media 2 class.
We were given the freedom to choose a certain theme, and create a digital poster based on that theme. Right away I wanted my theme to be, "Retro 3D glasses. We started off with some quick thumbnails to give our instructor an idea of what we wanted our poster to look like, and he'd give his opinion and some feedback. This is where I am so far in the digital poster, I may add more things later.  
I wish they gave out 3D glasses like these at movie theaters today. 

Photos used are stock, and the 3D dress girl photos are from etsy.

About a week and a half ago, I was so caught up in college work, I decided I wouldn't sign into my Deviantart account until my work was finished. A week goes by, I finished what needed to be done, so I signed into Deviantart, and I found a surprise in my inbox...

My brain did some back flips, I was flabbergasted. My inner fan girl was compelling me to spill my guts and blab about how much I love his cartoon Flapjack, and how his work is a major source of inspiration. I told my inner fan girl to be quiet, Thurop Van Orman doesn't want to hear that, everyone tells him that all the time! 

You may be reading this and you're thinking, "What's the big deal?" Well, there are so many talented artists on Deviantart, that are more skilled than I am. I am so grateful to receive some words of encouragement from Thurop. No matter how simple those words were, they meant a lot to me.

So I gave a simple reply, while my inner fan girl ran off giggling like Flapjack. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just the Beginning

In the past few months, I was reluctant to even start a blog. My feelings on starting a blog clashed with each other, and questions kept arising, "What's the point of a blog? Who would even read it? You just want to stroke your ego right? There are millions of other artists out there, what makes you so special?" Sometimes, I would shrug and agree with those negative questions. Other times I would disagree, and tell my brain to STFU. I'm an artist, I'm not perfect, I'm gradually improving, and this is just the beginning.
So why did I start a blog? To improve as an artist. As time goes by, I can use this blog as a type of archive to record progress I've made and things going on in my life. Maybe other artists can share their thoughts and offer advice.
Since starting an account on Deviantart, my motivation to create has increased dramatically. I was introduced to amazing artists that I can learn from, and I gave and received feedback. Maybe I won't get as much feedback on this blog as I do on Deviantart, but that's okay. I see this blog as an opportunity to get my voice and art out there.

To start things off, here's a series of paintings I've been working on that I call "Eye Spy Something," or the short term "Eye Spies." Each painting has an eye piece, color, and emotion. I'll gradually make more as time goes by.

If you have a deviantart account, drop by and say hello here: