Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 A New Year, A New Frontier!

Hey everyone! 2012 is approaching, many conspiracists say the world will end in this year, many dread and fear this year, while others welcome it with cheer and optimism. 

I welcome 2012, and will make the most of it, whether the world ends or not - which I'm not saying it is, but you never know, maybe aliens are planning on invading or something...I don't know.... 

Anyway, in order to make the most of 2012, here's a few new years resolutions that I plan on following to improve.

(Do you have any resolutions? Let me know~ )

1. Create/draw/work on art for 25 minutes or more everyday.
2. Limit time on internet.
3. Keep grades up, turn everything in on time.
4. Practice drawing anatomy and push poses.
5. Create more paintings/work towards larger scale canvases
6. Push myself to create new things.

2011 was such a significant year for me, so many things happened good and bad, but I rolled with the punches and in the end things turned out okay. I feel like I've improved so much as an artist and person. I hope that 2012 would be just as good, or possibly better for me, and you too.

Happy New Year everyone!

(Here's are a few things I've made recently, that I want to post before 2012. )

Birthday gift for someone who's obsessed with dogs and Zombies.
                                          Acrylic paint on a poodle statute.

The Big Race
Birthday gift for my wonderful aunt Gloria, this is her dog "Frida," named after the artist "Frida Kahlo." This was photoshop, framed, and is currently a center piece in her living room.


  1. I was wondering where you went off to! I'm liking the new blog, your work is looking great. I especially like your gritty animated drawings, like the last one in this post. Keep it up brotha, I'll make sure to follow your blog. Take care.

    1. Hey Matthew, thanks for the encouragement! Glad to see your art again, and likewise!